GP2 2018. Round 1. Bahrain



Race 1 

Race 2 

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  1. I don't know if this is happening for anyone else, but whenever I open a page now, all the videos on it start loading at the same time. I only want to watch qualifying and/or races, but loading everything at once is making one the stream I'm trying to watch really slow. I'm guessing this is something mail ru is doing on their end?

    Anyways, big thanks for uploading, burningwhee1s.

  2. ^can confirm this.

    When will the feature race up?

  3. Try on different browser. Edge seems like the best browser for this site

  4. GP2 is long dead and buried ; it is Formula 2 !! :-p

  5. I for one, wholly support your calling it GP2.

  6. Thanks for uploading these! I missed it. Question. Do you have the 2015 American GP? I've been looking for it and I can't find it anywhere.