WRC 2018. Round 4. France


Day1 Highlights 

SS5 & SS6 


Day2 Highlights 

Day3 Highlights 

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  1. Thank you, no ad partners show up right now but I’ll check back to view the rest of the Rally

  2. On all the various uploads from different events I have tried I find the following to be consistent. I am on 60Mbps:
    Stream 1 - Will not play without constantly buffering
    Stream 2 - does not play
    Stream 3 - loaded with ads & requires a lot of retrying to click the little X to avoid ads & pop-ups, gets a lot of random pop-ups and difficult to get started. Once started it works great.
    Stream 4 - never seems to work

    Just curious if anyone has found a way to get the streams to work a little more consistently. I am trying not to be too critical as I really appreciate all the effort to provide the coverage.

  3. hmmm.. anyone having same problem ??

  4. If you can advise me on good video-hosting, I can consider your suggestions

  5. Hello, I take off my hat for what you are doing but I have to agree with what GreSam says. I thought it was my internet connection speed here in South Africa (only 10Mbps) but I see that others have the same issue, and stream no1 used to always work but now it has become very slow, even 360p wont play without constant buffering. only stream 3 works for me.

  6. I have the same problem as GreSam, but it's hard to prevent. Mail.ru doesn't work very well outside of Russia most of the time. What I do to 'solve' this is to download the video from mail.ru first. I use https://video-download.co/site/mailru myself.

    Going to a different streaming platform won't work, as they will quickly block your account if you upload FIA content.

  7. Same here, I'm having issues with quality as well. It never seems to want to load the video, it constantly buffers through out the video, while using Chrome. When I use Microsoft Edge the stream is flawless until it randomly stops completely and resets the stream.

  8. Awesome work as usual your The Best !! Thanks a lot !!

  9. Thanks as always. Really appreciate it. I always download the videos. I use Allavsoft. I right click the video and cut and past the first link. Never have any issues.

    Really appreciate this. You are the best.

  10. thank you I never miss WRC highlights and this is the only website where I can download it using IDM because streaming is very slow. although IDM only works with internet explorer and not on chrome or firefox or any other browser but that's not an issue. thanks again