F0RМUL@-1 Rоund 7 Саnаda

Driver$ Pre$$ Cоnfеrеnсе 








R@се [Part 1/2] 

R@се [Part 2/2] 



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  1. why is this video fromat no supported any more!!!!!!

  2. works fine here as usual. must be an error on your end. check your browser settings or use another browser.

  3. fucked up as usual

  4. This time it totally does not work with any chrome. Either getting "Video Type not supported" or "Aw snap, something went wrong" chrome error page. Really enjoy what you do, also really annoyed by this :(

  5. Same for most recent Opera, fresh install with no extensions.. what is this?

  6. Firefox works on streams 2 and 3. Cheers!
    Thanks for all the hard work Burning Whee1s!

  7. Works for me. Latest Opera. JavaScript activated. Block Flash. No pop-ups. No location check. Deactivate ad-blocker. But it also worked out of the box for me anyway. No trouble whatsoever for years.

  8. works great and i wouldn't complain about a freebie anyway. thanks for the hard work

  9. hope the race is soon available ^^
    thanks for the great work!

  10. Race Part 1 will be available soon...
    Part 2 is converting now...
    Time to do some click-click for me ? )))

  11. click-click : before, during and after... thanks BW.

  12. I'm using Firefox and it works fine on Channel 1 for me. Sorry don't know the answer for you that are having difficulty. I do wait though until the HD upload is complete which just means a bit of patience I'm afraid.

  13. damn watch the first part to early ^^ now im waiting and clicking ^^

  14. huge SPOILER in the video thumbnail "Podium" ... I mean... come on...

  15. Formula 1 is so predictable these days, it's hardly a spoiler who of the very same 6 pilots of modern F1 are on the podium. But I get your point.

  16. BW...HELP!!

    ive been clicking ads and supporting this site for well over 18 mo now... there is a REGULAR PROBLEM I am experiencing in the last 2-3 mo trying to use this site anymore.....i am in west coast LA area USA, I've tried on multiple devices from multiple computers all with excellent high speed internet connections, yet all with the same result... the videos play as if buffering on an old 28000k baud modem....! its literally unwatchable....!?
    I used to be able to access the site and watch ANY VIDEO YOU POSTED LITERALLY ANYTIME WITH NO ISSUES.... ive tried at different times of the day and night, and even 4 days after a race weekend hoping traffic was lighter an in case your site's bandwidth was an issue...

    No improvement.

    Not sure if you can correspond and possibly help me make this wk on my end, if possible hit me up - myasv1@gmail.com

    id hate to give up on this site, i promote it to ALL my friends, i used to watch everything on here weekly.. ... up until 3 mo ago..... :-(